When you are running a small or mid sized organization, the major factor that determines success or failure is effective IT deployment & the presence of a reliable & expert IT partner.

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Email Solutions
We have a solution for your Email
A LAN-based email server with a wide range of features and benefits, which guarantee productive email. Onto this, you can layer a wide range of add-on modules, designed to provide you with a host of additional functionality – virus & spam protection, calendaring, collaboration, MIS, integration with other email servers, and much more.
Thus, our email solution and its modules/ applications provide all the necessary tools to :
  • Administer, monitor and comfortably manage a user- and content-policy across your organization,
  • Optimize the usage of critical resources like bandwidth, hardware and technical manpower,
  • Provide essential security benefits like anti-virus and anti-spam protection right at the network perimeter,
  • Build a chassis for an effective workflow management system.