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Backup software is primarily used as means to keep a backup of important data residing on computer or server hard drives. It can be used for local/individual computers or for an enterprise’s computers, servers, and networking devices. Backup software for individual use generally backs up selected files, folders, and important operating system files on the same computer/hard drive. The advanced or enterprise-level software is typically integrated within each computer, server, or node and backs up selected files and folders on a scheduled basis or as required. The backup software transmits the duplicated/backup data over the network/Internet to a local backup server or on an Internet/cloud-based backup storage server. Backup software also has the ability to compress data to reduce the amount of backup space required, as well as versioning control for maintaining different versions of the same file.

A backup and recovery plan is a set of practices and systems designed to help some resource

  • — such as an app or data
  • —get back online as soon as possible in the event of a major disaster.

You begin planning by defining two important values:

  • » Recovery time objective (RTO): The maximum time that it’s acceptable for your app or data to be offline.
  • » Recovery point objective (RPO): The maximum time that it’s acceptable for data to be temporarily lost. The RPO varies depending on how you use the data. Frequently used data might have an RPO of just a minute or two, while rarely used data might have an RPO of several hours or more.

As a general rule, the faster you want your data storage to recover — that is, the lower the RTP and RPO times — the more expensive it is to store the data

As all have different data, sizes, and different requirements of RTO and RPO. One backup solution will not fit all. We create customised backup solution specifically for small and medium businesses. Please click here for additional information.