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Hybrid Work from Home/Office Setup Solutions

We offer both public and private virtual servers, allowing you to work from home. We've teamed up with Employee Monitor to keep track of all work done by users at home.

Cloud Computing

A cloud server is a virtual server that runs in a cloud computing environment rather than a physical server. It's built, hosted, and delivered via the internet via a cloud computing platform that can be accessed from anywhere. Virtual servers are another name for them. Cloud servers come with all of the software they need to run and are self-contained.

For more details click here https://youtu.be/CBf2RGFNP1Y

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud computing is described as the process of using a network of remote servers, hosted via the internet, to store, manage and process data, rather than hosting it locally. Essentially, cloud computing is using someone else's infrastructure and hardware, reducing the amount of capital investments your business needs to make.

Companies that choose to shift to the cloud do so for several reasons. The benefits of flexibility, scalability, cost savings, etc. are weighed against availability concerns. It is important to evaluate if the cloud is right for you from a strategic and operational perspective. Does your demand for IT vary throughout the year? Are the costs of your IT impacting your ability to grow as a business? If so you may consider a cloud option that can be easily scaled.

Yes, it is more secure than a local server. The data center has a better infrastructure to protect it. It has multiple internet services, Fireproof infrastructure, 24x7 multiple power sources, periodical backup, no physical access to anyone, and many more. You can check from their website.

Our servers are located at Netmagic and Webwerks data centers. You can check further details from their website.

We use Trend Micro Smart Suite - Anti Ransomware Protection to protect our servers. https://www.trendmicro.com/en_in/business/products/user-protection/sps.html

You will get a virtual dedicated server.

Server configuration depends on the number of users and the applications that are going to be used.
Our entry level server configuration:

  • Secured Server 2 Core CPU,
  • 4 GB RAM,
  • 100 GB SSD Storage (Raid 1/1+0 Protected)
  • SSD is Solid State Drive almost 4 times faster than a normal Hard drive. A standard SSD can read and write sequential data at a speed of about 550 Mbps compared to a HDD which may carry out sequential reads and writes at just 125MBps.

    RAID is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units for data redundancy, performance improvement, or both.

    Our solution includes Business continuity service - In case the primary server fails - there is a provision of additional servers to enable continuity of work by restoring the last available backup. We guarantee you 99.9% of uptime. (Maximum 8.77 hours downtime during a year.)

    Our dedicated support team is available 24x7.

    Our servers are available Anywhere and Anytime. Servers can be accessed from any device (Desktop, Laptop, Phone, Tablet) having internet connection from any part of the world. We support all operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows, Linux.

    We support all windows based applications be it a Desktop Application or a web based application. Your applications can be accessed via a browser (e.g. Chrome, Mozilla, etc) or you can connect to our server using a remote connection software. The experience will be similar to connecting via TeamViewer or AmmyAdmin software.

    The solution supports unlimited users. There are no restrictions. It is flexible. You can change server configuration at any time to support more users.

    Users can use any device Laptop / Desktop / Tablet / Mobile to connect and work. The only requirement is an Internet connection. We are using TS+ Technology to connect the user machine to a server so the connection is secured.

    Our solution uses TS+ technology to connect users and server. We just share the screen, actual data are processed at the server end so the user end required very low bandwidth. If a user can browse then he can connect with the cloud server

    Yes. You can create any folders, subfolders and give user wise and department wise rights.

    Admin can enable/disable printing/copyright of any users. Even geographic/time restrictions are also possible.

    Yes, we can do it. The server allows only approved devices to login.

    Daily Snapshot and backup - Daily snapshots and versions of backup enable restoration and safety of data in case of corruption, disaster or malware issues. We always take one image backup at 12 midnight of all servers.

    A versioning backup is the same as a periodic backup.

    We have optional Employee monitoring software which will give you the following reports:

    • ● Log in / Log out of User
    • ● Active time / Ideal time of user
    • ● Application spent time report
    • ● Keylogging report
    • ● Screenshot of user PC

    Yes, you can do that. It requires following to work smoothly:

    • ● Local server (Configuration as per requirement)
    • ● High speed Internet
    • ● Remote Connection License for each user
    • ● Dedicated IT person to manage the system

    If all data, passwords, applications are ready it will take 2 days to start the system.

    The cost of a cloud server starts from Rs. 30.00 per user per day.