Unrestricted Access: A Security Risk for Your Business?

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In today's digital age, physical security remains paramount. Businesses across India  must safeguard their property, assets, and personnel from unauthorized access. Traditional methods of access control, such as keys and manual entry logs,  may no longer be sufficient. Here are some common security concerns that an Access Control System can address.

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Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized personnel gaining entry to restricted areas can pose a significant security risk.

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Data Security Threats

Physical access to devices or servers can lead to data breaches and security vulnerabilities.

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Key Management Challenges

Lost or stolen keys can compromise security and managing multiple keys for different employees can be cumbersome.

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Lack of Access Monitoring and Reporting

Limited insight into who is accessing specific areas and when makes it difficult to identify suspicious activity.

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Tailgating and Piggybacking

Individuals following authorized personnel into secure areas without proper credentials.

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Compliance Challenges

Certain industries have regulations mandating stricter access control measures.


Key Card Access Systems: Grant access through pre-programmed key cards for secure entry.
Biometric Access Control Systems: Utilize fingerprint or facial recognition technology for enhanced security and eliminate the need for physical keys.
Mobile Access Control Systems: Enable employees to use their smartphones or wearables as secure credentials.


Paths seamlessly integrates your access control system with your existing security infrastructure for centralized management.

Our Specialty

Paths: Your Trusted Partner for Enhanced Security with Access Control Systems

Paths offers a comprehensive approach to physical security with advanced Access Control Systems, designed to restrict entry and  fortify your business. Here's what sets us apart:

Our Services

Expertise in Implementation, Management, and Ongoing Support

Our team of specialists goes beyond just supplying the technology. Paths offers exceptional ongoing support to ensure your Attendance System functions at peak efficiency

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Security Assessment & Design

Our security specialists conduct a thorough assessment of your premises and security needs to recommend the most suitable access control system.

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System Installation & Configuration

Our technicians ensure a smooth installation and configure the system according to your specific needs.

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User Management and Access Levels

We assist you in creating user profiles and assigning appropriate access levels for different areas of your facility.

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Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We provide ongoing technical support and maintenance to ensure your access control system remains functional and up-to-date.

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Employee Training

We provide comprehensive training for your employees on how to effectively use the new access control system.

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Access Control Reporting & Analytics

Paths helps you generate reports on access activity and identify any suspicious patterns.

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