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Data is the fuel for today's businesses! Yet, enterprises face these challenges.


Storage Capacity Limitations

Overflowing File Servers: Existing file servers are reaching capacity, hindering file sharing and collaboration.
Data Silos Across Departments:. Data is scattered across various devices and locations, making it difficult to access and manage.
Limited Scalability for Future Growth: Your current storage solution can't accommodate your projected data increase.


Data Security Concerns

Risk of Data Breaches: Ensuring the security and compliance of sensitive data is a top priority.
Data Loss from Hardware Failure or Disasters: A robust disaster recovery plan is critical to protect your data.
Lack of Granular Access Control: Difficulty controlling access to sensitive information.


Performance Bottlenecks

Slow Data Access: Employees experience delays in accessing files and applications, impacting productivity.
Application Performance Issues: Critical business applications run sluggishly due to inefficient storage infrastructure.
Inability to Handle Increased Data Traffic: Your storage system struggles to keep up with growing data demands.


Scalability and Flexibility

Difficulty Adapting to Changing Needs: Your current storage solution can't adapt to new data types or workloads.
Limited Options for Expansion: Scaling storage capacity becomes complex and expensive.
Inability to Integrate with Cloud Storage: You lack the flexibility to leverage the benefits of cloud-based storage.


Cost Optimization

Rising Storage Costs: Meeting your storage needs leads to ever-increasing expenses.
Underutilized Storage Capacity: You're paying for storage you're not using efficiently.
Hidden Costs of Managing Complex Storage Infrastructure: Managing multiple storage solutions can be time-consuming and expensive.

Working Process

Paths Capabilities in Supplying, Delivering, Implementing, and Managing


Needs Assessment & Solution Design

Our experts analyze your data storage requirements and design a customized solution based on your budget and future growth plans.


Seamless Implementation & Integration

Our experienced team ensures smooth implementation of your chosen storage solution, integrating it seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure.


Vendor Selection & Procurement

We leverage our strong partnerships with leading storage vendors to get you the best technology at competitive prices.


Ongoing Support & Management

Paths provides ongoing support to monitor your storage performance, optimize resource utilization, and address any technical issues.


Paths: Your Trusted Partner for Streamlined Data Storage Solutions

Paths offers a comprehensive approach to data storage, partnering with world-class vendors to provide the perfect solution for your business. Here's what sets us apart.

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Local Servers

On-premise file storage: Consolidate and manage departmental data for efficient file sharing and collaboration.
Application-specific storage: Optimize storage performance for critical business applications.

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NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Centralized storage for workgroups: Simplify file sharing across departments and remote locations.
Backup and disaster recovery: Utilize NAS for secure on-site backups to safeguard your data.
Collaboration and multimedia storage: Enable efficient sharing of large files like images and videos.

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Leading Cloud Platforms Storage

Scalable and flexible storage: Seamlessly expand your storage capacity as your data grows.
Disaster recovery in the cloud: Ensure business continuity with secure off-site data backup.
Cost-effective storage options: Pay only for the storage you use with cloud-based solutions.

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