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In today's digital world, managing paper documents can be a time-consuming and inefficient process.  For Indian businesses,  relying solely on paper-based systems can hinder collaboration, lead to document loss, and impede document retrieval.  Here are some common challenges businesses face with manual document management:

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Time-Consuming Processes

Manually searching for, filing, and retrieving physical documents can be a major drain on employee

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Difficulty with Disaster Recovery

Paper documents are vulnerable to damage or destruction in case of natural disasters or fire.

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Limited Collaboration

Sharing paper documents can be cumbersome and hinders efficient collaboration, especially for remote teams.

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Limited Search and Retrieval Capabilities

Locating specific information from paper documents can be a time-consuming and frustrating task.

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Risk of Document Loss or Damage

Physical documents are susceptible to loss, damage, or misplacement, leading to critical information being unavailable.

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Storage Challenges

Accumulating paper documents requires dedicated storage space, leading to increased overhead costs.

Our Services

Expertise in Implementation, Management, and Ongoing Support

Our team of specialists goes beyond just supplying the scanner hardware. Paths offers exceptional ongoing support to ensure your scanners function optimally and contribute to a more efficient document management workflow:

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Scanner Installation & Configuration

Our technicians ensure a smooth installation and configure your scanner for optimal performance and integration with your document management

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Employee Training

We provide comprehensive training for your employees on how to effectively use the new scanners and document management system.

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Document Management System Optimization (Optional)

We can assist with ongoing optimization of your document management system for efficient document organization and retrieval.

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Technical Support

Paths offers ongoing technical support to address any issues you may encounter with your scanners or document management software.


Paths: Your Trusted Partner for Streamlined Document Management with Scanners

Paths offers a comprehensive solution to eliminate the hassles of paper-based documents with high-quality Scanners. These scanners simplify your workflow processes and unlock the power of digital document management. Here's what sets us apart:

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Understanding Your Needs

We take the time to assess your document volume, types of documents, and scanning needs to recommend the most suitable scanner solution.

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Document Management Software Integration

We integrate your chosen scanner with document management software for seamless document organization, retrieval, and sharing.

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High-Quality Scanners

Paths provides a variety of scanners to meet your specific requirements, including:
Flatbed Scanners: Ideal for scanning documents, photos, and fragile items.
Sheetfed Scanners: Efficient for high-volume document scanning.
Automatic Document Feeders (ADF): Boost productivity by automatically feeding multiple pages for scanning.

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